I’ve been a sports addict for as long as I can remember, starting my first football commentaries at the age of seven and gradually getting to grips with a wide variety of sports thereafter. I’m now a student at Lancaster University and hope to pursue a career in sports journalism after I graduate in 2013.

I’m known for being a real sponge when it comes to absorbing sporting facts and figures, trivia and silly stats.  I’m renowned for spotting a sports commentator’s gaffe the minute they state a wrong fact and can remember who scored what goal and in what match going back several years – sad, I know, but very true.  I can typically answer the majority of questions in ‘A Question of Sport’, before most of the experts and like to think that I can spot offside decisions and football fouls as well as any linesman or ref.

Sport is my life, from the minute I switch on SKY Sports News in the morning, to the minute I watch the team wrapping it up on the evening shift.  I’m absorbed by the paper review each morning on the programme and love to check out the articles highlighted for myself.

My favourite sports are football and cricket – I played for my local cricket club from the age of 9 – and like to see things from the bowler’s viewpoint, having suffered batsmen’s egos for long enough!  I also love tennis, snooker, darts, Formula 1, rugby, golf, athletics and a wide variety of other sports, both from the comfort of the sofa and midst the banter in the stands.

The secret dream is to have a career as a sports commentator or top sports writer and, in my free time, to join the Barmy Army on an Ashes tour of Australia!  We are England and this is anysportinastorm.co.uk   Hope you like it.