Colchester v Preston LIVE

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Ireland 19-9 England: Match Report

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The gladiatorial roar at the full-time whistle from Paul O’Connell told you everything there was to know about the way this contest unfolded. England rolled into Dublin with their Grand Slam dream in tact. By the end of the game, that dream had been smashed into a thousand pieces by a dominant Irish display. While [...]

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Arsenal v Stoke LIVE

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LIVE – Championship Play-Off Final 2013-14

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ICC Champions Trophy: Team-by-Team Guide

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The last ever ICC Champions Trophy kicks off on Tuesday in Cardiff. The tournament which sees the worlds top eight ranked sides go head to head has often been derided over the years, so much so it has been scrapped by the ICC. However, this tournament represents everything that the more prestigious World Cup should [...]

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The Malaysian Grand Prix produced without doubt the most awkward podium in Formula One history. Third placed driver Lewis Hamilton looked embarrassed that he was stood on the podium instead of teammate Nico Rosberg, who was ordered to stay behind Hamilton. Mark Webber was absolutely livid with teammate Sebastian Vettel for ignoring team orders and [...]

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Roberto Di Matteo has been sacked by Chelsea. Five months and two days after lifting the Champions League in Munich, Roman Abramovich has succumbed to his itchy trigger finger and given the manager the sack.   Di Matteo took over the helm at Chelsea at a time when the club were in turmoil. Following the [...]


Why does the England Squad include so many Liverpool players?

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Gary Cahill has been forced to withdraw from the England Squad for Euro 2012 with a fractured jaw suffered against Belgium on Saturday. His replacement is Liverpool’s one cap right back Martin Kelly. He becomes the sixth Liverpool player in the 23-man squad.   To include so many Liverpool players seems baffling given how abysmal [...]

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The Test Returns

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May 17th 2012. Lords. There will be a general hubbub of excitement. A buzz. Excited anticipation of a Summer to come. A Summer where men will battle over 22 yards. Going to war with cork and willow. Challenging the temperament, the nerve, the mindset and the technique of the opposition in the ultimate sporting test. [...]

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Roy Hodgson today pinpointed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlains’ performance against AC Milan as a key reason why he has been included in the England squad for Euro 2012.   Hodgson said he was particularly impressed with the way Chamberlain had dealt with Ambrosini and Pirlo. This is especially remarkable considering Andrea Pirlo left Milan to join Juventus [...]

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